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Most of our products are handmade as ordered. Wait times are approximate and may vary depending on stock availability and work load. Turn around time at present is approximately 4-5 weeks. ‘In stock’ items like knives etc will be posted within 1-2 business days.


Custom made rope and Leather bridles. 6mm and 12mm rope types.  Rope is Made from Tuff Tack equestrian rope which is non stretch, rot and fade resistant, non abrasive and machine washable.

Leather is quality morgan or herman oak leather. No cheap indian here.

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Rope Bridle 6mm Rope

From $35.00 AUD - $42.50 AUD

Flat Style Rope Bridle 12mm No Clips

From $30.00 AUD - $65.00 AUD

Flat Style Rope Bridle 12mm With Clips

From $45.00 AUD - $70.00 AUD

One Ear Rope Bridle With Clip Ends

From $30.00 AUD - $55.00 AUD

Rope Bit Hanger

From $23.50 AUD - $29.50 AUD