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Most of our products are handmade as ordered. Wait times are approximate and may vary depending on stock availability and work load. Turn around time at present is approximately 4-5 weeks. ‘In stock’ items like knives etc will be posted within 1-2 business days.


Frequently Asked Questions.

1; Why haven’t I received my order?

A; Wait times are displayed at the top of the website. Everything is made by hand as ordered and quality takes time.

Our products are not mass produced by machines. If you believe your order should have been posted by now and you haven’t received your tracking number, try your junk mail folder in your email, sometimes notifications are sent there. If you still haven’t received your item please email or phone us. 

2; What happens if I receive my item and it does not fit?

A; If the item is not a custom item, (custom items may be exchanged by negotiation depending how easily I can resell it) is clean and has only just been tried on your horse, we are happy to swap it for the right size. You will have to pay postage both ways though and new one won’t be made or posted until other one has been returned and inspected.


3; What happens if I receive my order and it is incorrect?

A; I AM only human and sometimes I do make mistakes. Please contact me and I will replace it and pay for the postage. 

4;  I am unsure what size to buy my horse.

A; If you are unsure what size to buy your horse, please email us and we can help you get the right size.

5; My horse needs a custom size

A; We can definitely do custom sizes so send us an email and we can help you get the right size.

6; I can’t find something I want on the website.

A; Send us an email. I can make other things and variations of items that are on the website so don’t be scared to get in contact and let us know what you’re chasing. 

7; I am not in Australia but want to put in an order.

A; We do post worldwide but it is not set up on the website so send us an email with what you are after and your location and we can get a postage cost for you.