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Most of our products are handmade as ordered. Wait times are approximate and may vary depending on stock availability and work load. Turn around time at present is approximately 4-5 weeks. ‘In stock’ items like knives etc will be posted within 1-2 business days.

Hidez Compression Hood With Ears Printed Psychedelic

$199.00 AUD

Hidez Compression hoods can be worn alone, or with our other Hidez products. They can be worn in the stall, trailer, during turn out, and during competition and riding. By massaging acupressure points in the face, they increase circulation to the head and release endorphins.

Hidez compression hoods may help with the following;
• Aids in poll flexion
• Helps TMJ issues
• Decreases anxiety and nervousness
• Increases focus
• Reduces cribbing, and weaving
• Sinus issues (reducing discharge)

Compression hoods with ears have the extra benefit of reducing external sounds and distractions.

Please allow 2 weeks for Hidez products to be posted. FREE POSTAGE