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Telescopic Pole With Strippy Flag

$36.00 AUD

Another training flag made by Kaz’s Flags and Tail bags. 

You will enjoy the flexibility of being able to do close in hand work, as well as distance without the weight of a heavy training stick. The s/steel pole extends from 25cm - 1.2m and is lightweight but also very strong.

Please be aware that the poles are not as strong as SOLID full length training ones and should not be used as though they are. With the flexibility of being able to extend and retract, it is in it's very design  fragile in comparison and should always be used with care and diligence of keeping sand and dirt off segments. Suiting less able bodies people, through to the most experienced user doing a long day of training horses, these Pocket Flag combos represent great value for money Horsemanship Training Tools.